How to Cancel YMCA Membership

How to Cancel YMCA Membership – You already know YMCA is one of the largest health and wellness program providers in America. A YMCA member can get fitness plans based on your goals and abilities, with online tracking and unlimited visits with FitQuest coaches.

YMCA joining fee costs $50/Individual, $75/Adult+1, and $75/Family. Monthly dues start $63/Individual,$78/Adult, and $93/Family.

Most of the YMCA membership doesn’t know how to cancel YMCA membership and they are still confused how to proceed with the steps. Here are the steps to cancel your YMCA membership.

How to Cancel YMCA Membership

You will need a YMCA cancellation form, account information, billing information and your YMCA card. You can collect the YMCA cancellation form from your home YMCA gym.

Fill out the form completely, Ask the representative on hand to answer any questions you have about the process. Handover the cancellation form to the reception desk to complete the process.

Don’t forget to check your bills to ensure you are not getting charged after the fact.

Hope this helps you to cancel your YMCA membership.

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